Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

AI Consultancy

With the wide spread technology and leapfrogs in the field of Intelligence Services, AI has become a must for nearly all industries. Integrating with AI model has become a key point in every organization’s strategy. We are available on a project to project consulting basis for you to be able to devise a roadmap or framework for successfully integrating AI into your business model. We also do AI readiness assessments for organizations and perform feasibility and success analysis.

AI Product

Our understanding of the latest market technologies combined with the knowledge of our partners make us competent to rapidly configure and setup AI software products as per the clients requirements and needs. Based on the clients preference, we are flexible about using whichever commercial and open-source AI tools

AI Model Development
and Maintenance

Algorithms and Techniques such as Machine Learning and Data Mining are used by our Data Scientists to conduct thorough analysis for the development and deployment of AI capabilities to the clients business problems. Post development services are provided as well to make sure the capability of the system remains top notch and is able to deliver timely up-to-date insights.

Computer Vision

These services include Facial Recognition/detection, Emotion Analysis, Video Analytics, Image Processing. Facial Recognition helps you in finding, analyzing, tagging and organising your photos based on the demographics needed. Emotion Analysis helps in montoring and analyzing the faces in images and videos, along with real life to help detect the emotions. Video Analytics extracts live data from the images, processes the same and provides real time insights to the user. Image processing does the analysis in real time to help in detection of objects and people and extracts the information to help classify the visual data.