Automation Solutions

Hostel/ Hotel

We provide end to end automation service to the Hostels. Right from the moment a customer walks into the hostel to the moment he walks out, we ensure that all the services are automated.

This system can be applied with a multi linguistic setting that makes it easier to be accessed by a diverse set of customers. The only effort at human interaction the customer would have to put would be with fellow travellers.


We provide automated fault detection solutions for products in large manufacturing plants. The continuous learning and implementation aims to reduce the False negatives and False Positives to a minimum.

Front Office

Chatbots are the new way of Working and we provide chatbots that would automate and streamline your front office. From scheduling appointments to receiving and interacting with customers, we aim to provide as close to the human experience as possible.


We try and automize parts of your retail operation. Based on your requirements, our technology can be applied to fulfill your needs. It could range from display automation to the check out and billing automation.

Service Automation

This solution aims at providing automation throughout your Sales and After Sales processes. From customer service automation, to sales automation, we expertise in all domains. We can also help in integration of different processes with the latest technologies and help you shift from IVR technology to the state of the art cloud based Audio-Video call solutions.