Concierge bot

Analysis indicates that despite having high Quality UI and deigns of web and mobile software, companies suffer from bounce-off/uninstall rates as high as 60%. With our concierge bot, you will be able to engage with your customers effectively and also retain them for future conversations.

People get bored of seeing similar UI on every other site. What will make you standout?
Just the fact that they will not be overloaded with world of information, 95% of which they would not need.

Let your chatbot handle the talking for you. Afterall, Aren’t Chatbots Fun? And Faster?
Our Bot4Concierge is an AI Enabled Interactive Assistant that can be used to communicate in multiple languages. It will also be directly embedded in the hostel systems, so as to not only make customers happy but also improve hotel productivity. We teach the Chatbots to successfully maneuver and answer questions like a normal human would.

Guiding the guests within and outside the hotel premises, Restaurant and food recommendations after learning their likes and dislikes, Tourist attractions based on their tastes, and every other information that the guest desires.

Benefits you ask?
Increased Customer Engagement, Fruitful Conversation, Increased Customer Satisfaction and lastly, Revenue!

After all,

Happy Guest is Happy You.