Flight bot

The airline industry is known for an ever-running cut-throat competition.  Not many Sustainable Competitive Advantages occur in the market.  So what is the one thing that can help you be DIFFERENT?

Get rid of the big and long webpages that a User has to go through to complete his flight booking. If not complete, even to check, he has to follow a long and tedious process.

Why not make everything able to him such that he doesn’t need to type? We present to you FlyBot. An all integrated chatbot for flights.

User can search, book and manage his bookings without having to type AT ALL.

An AI Enabled Interactive Assistant that can be used to communicate in multiple languages. This self-learning bot will make your User Experience as seamless as talking to your friend. After all, why text when you can talk.

FlyBot refines the customer experience with an instant support to the customer across all communication channels.

With our ability to integrate on multiple platforms such as, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Google Assistant and Many others, or We can create a whole new bot for you capable of working on its own.

So are you ready to be the one that STANDS out from the rest?