Smartshop bot

There is one big problem with every online store – it’s static. It’s like a brick-and-mortar store with no salespersons in it. E-commerce chatbots help to set it live and get more sales and happier customers.

Conversation are the most natural and convenient form of sales. People prefer to talk before they purchase anything, and now you will be ensure that they have a companion throughout their shopping journey.

You do not need to wait for your buyers to come back. Be pro-active and provide them with great user customized service. Provide them with the choices closely suited to their likings.

Build natural language product search and help your customers find exactly what they are looking for. Use search data to personalize your marketing and promotions.

No more have the problem of having a disgruntled companion, whose interest in shopping is to the minimum.

SSBot offers you all types of shopping options, taking into account all products provided on your E-commerce platform.

No more having to search manually, because a faster and easier solution is here to stay.

Lets make Shopping Hassle free!