Start-Up Solutions


If you are a recent start-up and in need of a technical guide in the form of a CTO, you can chose one from our listings that you believe best suits and matches your vision.

You can also use this service to help in getting your system framework and architecture reviewed by an expert and find the KPI’s and areas in need of improvement.


We help you build your Minimum Viable Product in 99 days and help you scope the market. We will be your partner in arms and guide you through your journey. Provide you access to our digital marketing tools and help you grow at a fast pace. Content creation is a significant aspect and we would be available to help you with the same. For sales, our network of clients could form a suitable customer base for your launch.


We follow an accelerated AGILE model, suited for start-ups and enterprises alike. Time is of essence and hence rapid prototyping is an added benefit. From the nascent stage of UX design to its development, we try and ensure the time taken is the minimum. We do detailed wireframing and mockups before development to reduce the iterations due to requirement gaps. We collaborate closely with clients using tools like BaseCamp, JIRA, Slack, Skype, Freedcamp, Asana etc.

for Hire

We provide you with suitable hands and brains catering to your budgets and requirements. We believe in optimizing resources and hence ensure that we provide the minimum number of developers in order for you to get the maximum benefit.


We also provide investment for tech innovations. You pitch us your idea (obviously after we both sign the NDA!) and based on your business plan and requirements, we provide you with a tech-investment proposal to work hand in hand with you to help you realise your dreams.