Technology Solutions


We create websites with the help of new and powerful Content Management Systems and Page builders specially designed keeping the theme of the organization/product in mind. The aim of the process is to make the experience friendly and easier with the minimum number of routings. Along with development, we also provide post deployment maintenance services to ensure the website stays in pristine working condition and update as per the requirements.

Mobile Application

Our tech-savvy developers are on hand to help you realise your dream of creating the perfect app for your product or organzation. We ensure that our service and applications built are reliable, functional and flawless. The application is optimized for perfomance and speed. We also help in integrating the apps with different platforms and conventional smartphones.


Our team makes use of latest technology and computer vision to perform proprietary video analytics. This service includes Counting of Unique Visitors, Dwelling Time by Store Sections, Display Engagement, Waiting line management and Queue Counting, Heat Mapping, facial expression understanding in response to advertisements and displays. More are: Shopper Journey analysis/Conversation Rates/Bounce Rates/Customer Funnel Analysis.
We try and incorporate the technology into already pre existing cameras so as to reduce the burden of incurring new costs.


Along with providing pre packaged public or private data, we also help you collate your massive data into order so that it is easily accessible and ready to use for you. The data is then decoupled to your applications to help you process it quickly. If you wish to trade your data, the same can be done by us by allowing you access to our client base who are in need of the same. Data cleaning and aggregration is done our platform so that what you receive is clean data developed as per your requirements. We also ensure and guarantee on time delivery of your data all over the world, wherever you require it.